Past Accomplishments


The original crew: Keone Kealoha, Andrea Brower and Katie Paul

Malama Kauai was founded in 2006 and has completed many projects and initiatives since that time. We encourage you to take a look at some of our work to get an idea of what a dedicated group of people can do when they have the resources to follow their passion in betterment of their community. We love Kauai!

Dramatically increase the production and consumption of local agricultural products.

  • Kilauea Community Garden – A four acre organic garden opening in Fall 2009. The garden will increase food security, provide fresh and healthy foods for seniors, be a community gathering place, and be an educational space for both schools and people wishing to learn more about gardening, permaculture, and biodiversity.
  • Kauai Food Forest – A two-acre living library of propagation material with over 100 species of climatized staple fruit and food trees purposefully in-planted with nutrient rich companion plants and having a goal of localizing as much amendment materials as possible. This site hosts the largest collection of bananas in the state.
  • Kaua`i Agricultural Forum – In April 2009, over 250 agricultural stakeholder gathered for an expert panel discussion, networking, and to participate in working break-out groups focused on identifying barriers and opportunities to increasing agriculture.
  • Cultivate – The creation of an all-local distribution cooperative to assist small-scale growers in getting their product into grocery stores, hotels and restaurants. Launched in Nov 2009.
  • Farm-Worker Housing Policy – Brought together farmers, the Planning Department, County Council members, Farm Bureau, and other stakeholders in over 50 meetings to draft and introduce policy that now allows for legal Farm Worker Housing on Kaua`i.
  • Farm Directory – Lists farm, contact information, what they currently produce, and other important information about agriculture on Kaua`i. North Shore Edition is currently available.
  • School Gardens Network – Modeled after the successful Hawai`i Island program, this project networks over 25 schools and has established or revamps gardens at more than half of them since 2010, integrates gardening into curriculum, provides training for teachers, and gives students access to healthy and fresh foods through farm to school lunch days and newly established salad bars.
  • Kaua`i Agricultural Study – A 163-page study produced in-house on sustainable agriculture on Kauai. Available for download from our website.
  • Koloko Water Systems Study – In partnership with the County of Kaua`i, studying solutions to preserve the important irrigation system while restoring ecosystem health.


Advance the island towards environmentally and socially responsible energy self-sufficiency.

  • Mayor’s Campaign to Save Energy – In partnership with Apollo Kaua`i and Mayor Bernard Carvalho, newspaper articles and public meetings informing the community on easy ways to conserve.
  • Kaua`i Island Utility Cooperative Candidates Forum – Bringing attention to the KIUC Board of Directors election and sustainable energy issues we have been involved with setting up and operating several annual, community forums in recent years.
  • Sustainable Energy Education– Ongoing community education about conservation and clean energy in partnership with Apollo Kaua`i.
  • County Energy Sustainability Plan – An official stakeholder group.
  • Kaua`i Bus Campaign – Successfully campaigned to increase the budget for the Kaua`i Bus by $500,000.


Assist in the development of a diversified, resilient, prosperous, and localized economy.

  • Green Business Program – Offered resources, education, and a tiered certification to over 50 local businesses interested in sustainable practices.
  • Green Map – Highlights local businesses that have met baseline environmental criterion while providing educational information on sustainability, farmers markets, bus routes, and recycling centers. 20,000 maps distributed island-wide, as well as an online version.
  • Green Kauai Map Digital Application – Launched for the Ipad and Iphone, this app supplies listings of farmers markets, green businesses and more. A platform that can expand the communication and technology reach of the organization and its mission.
  • Local Currency and Investment Systems – Educating about the benefits and existing models, bringing expertise to the island, and assisting in the initial phases of development.
  • “Keep It Local” – Educational campaign focused on the benefits of buying local and identifying Kaua`i’s greatest economic leakages. 1000 branded bumper stickers sold or given out.
  • Roots of Kaua`i – Graduated 14 young adults from a 10-week Green Careers Certificate program in 2014; most students have gone on to get hired from their internship, begin a green career, create a green business, or enroll in college to increase their future opportunities.


Inspire personal and community action through education, awareness-raising, and networking.

  • Malama Kaua`i eNewsletter – Email based newsletter with a mailing list of 3,400+ people offers information about a variety of sustainability related events and issues on Kauai.
  • KKCR Bi-Weekly Radio Show – Features both internationally acclaimed and local guests. Aired for over six years with hundreds of shows.
  • “Keep It Local” Article Series – Bi-weekly articles in The Garden Island during 2010 and again in 2012 related to the school gardens. Currently delivering “Keep It Local Kitchen” blog with local recipes.
  • MK-TV – Two 30 minute episodes are complete and available online; cover topics of food, energy, ahupua`a land management, transportation, and economic relocalization.
  • Sustainability Conferences – Two, two-day conferences bringing together over 500 people.


Guide government decision-making to reflect sustainability systems thinking and quadruple bottom line values.

  • Coalition for Responsible Government – Initiated and organized the community around a County Charter Amendment to regulate the number of hotel and timeshare units that can be permitted.
  • Important Agricultural Lands Study – Working with the planning department to ensure a quality study is conducted. Had standing on the working committee of community groups.
  • State Level Advocacy – Advocating for issues related to land use, agriculture, energy, water, preservation of Koke`e, grey-water systems, and public access.
  • County Land Use Bills – Working with the administration to introduce and pass four bills related to smart growth.
  • Burial Preservation – Actively worked with stakeholders to find solutions to the Iwi Kupuna (bone) issues, especially at the site of Naue in Ha`ena.


  • Operating since 2006
  • Efficient: Achieve all of the above with an average operating budget of under $250,000
  • Email list of over 4,500
  • Strong working relationship with over 25 other Kaua`i non-profits, all of whom we have partnered with on various issues or projects
  • Networked around the state with sustainability and cultural organizations on each island
  • Strong working relationship with our state delegates, all seven council members and our county administration. Have worked with all current and past council members on drafting various policies
  • Have done site visits, interviews, and been a resource for over 30 farmers on the North Shore – a large majority.
  • Kaua`i Roundtable – have hosted 10 island-wide meet ups, with an average participation of 150 individuals and 25 non-profits represented at each.
  • Networked internationally – have hosted many internationally acclaimed guests on our radio show, attended national conferences, and have a working relationship with several large national networks, including BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), Post Carbon Institute, and Bioneers.
  • Receive grants from private foundations, donors, and the County of Kaua`i.
  • Utilize free media and have received in-kind donations to expand media infrastructure – consistent space in both The Garden Island and Kaua`i People, the two primary, printed publications on Kauai; free advertising in several state-wide and local magazines, in-kind donation to create two episodes of Malama Kauai TV
  • Efficiency – utilize a broad and rapidly growing network of volunteers to make our work exponential.