Youth & Food Programs

Since 2006, Malama Kaua`i has increased access to local food, propagation materials and agriculturally related educational opportunities for local residents and visitors. The Kaua`i School Garden Network was established in 2010 and supports all schools, PreK-12, on the island of Kaua`i.

In 2015, we began scaling our impact and more effectively implementing system level solutions at the regional and island-wide level, creating a new program area umbrella now titled Youth & Food  to more accurately describe our work. Click on the title of each program for more detailed information:

  • Kaua`i School Garden Network – supporting schools with gardening and agriculture related programs
  • School Food Programs – supporting schools with the development and improvement of Federally-reimbursed school food programs, and supporting wellness through nutrition
  • Village Harvest – gleaning project partnership with Kaua`i Master Gardeners that captures unwanted produce and donates it to schools, after school programs, and food banks
  • Gardening Certificate Training – gardening training programs that offer community education while installing and supporting a school or community-baed garden project
  • Kaua`i Ag Internship Program – connecting Kaua`i ag students to meaningful and attractive paid internships to build their experience and strengthen career pathways for our future farmers